This letter I have written to a very dear friend of mine who I was blessed to meet at the first poetry board where I started to post my poetry. She wrote me an e-mail, thanking me for the friendship and words I had written in replies to her poetry. This is my reply to her e-mail.

Note: where needed I have replaced her name by the word 'Friend'.

February 18 2001

Of course I would take the time. Like you said, misery shared is easier to bear. Friends are friends especially in times of need..
I am glad to be able to make you feel a bit better, since all I can do is try and show you I care through words.

 Even in our poetry we seem to write that what is in each others hearts, where my words lack your words express.
How many times haven't I sat and cried while reading your words that unfolded my emotions into the smallest details. This may sound cruel, but believe me, I only say it like this because I lack the words to express it differently:
Sometimes it is such a relief to see that you are not alone in pain, we have the tendency to lock ourselves in that little world that is confining us within boundaries that are hard to break, building walls to shelter us from pain.

Then to read the words that could have been extracted from my soul causes to crack, maybe even open, that solid foundation that was laid to keep others out.. in an attempt to keep us from getting hurt again. Most of the time we do not realize that these walls also keep out the opportunity to share, laugh, love and be loved..

 After the love of my life had disappeared from my life I fell in a black hole, your words woke me up. Your words helped me to start my journey back into the world of the living. Many times have I felt so tired, many times have I felt the need to just lay down in a dark corner where no one would notice me and just drift into sleep.. to stop the tiredness, the pain, the all consuming aches within the heart. Without knowing dear friend, you have helped me with your words.. you helped me out of the depth I was in. Seeing my own emotions reflected in your words enabled me to take a step back and look at them in a more objective way.. an eye opener in many ways..*smile*

 I still ache for him, I still long for him. But now it is easier to bear, he and I still keep in touch but he has lost himself along the way. He is in search of himself.. a journey that can take a lifetime.

 Dear Friend, instead of you thanking me I should be thanking you..

 Love and hugs,