Whether you visit these pages for the first time, or maybe you have been here several times before and just popped in to see if there is anything new, I would like to welcome you, welcome you to my little world of thoughts, muses and soulswirls.

I have added some sections which have become very special to me, not because I have created them, but because they hold the muses of people that I hold dear.  Below you will find a short description of these sections, of all the sections.

A new section, only added and created very recently is the section 'Muses shared', this section contains a poetry board in which you can share your poetry with this little corner of the world.

Another new  section is 'Graphics'. In here you will find graphics by me (only those I think are worth sharing) and some smashing graphics by very talented (still) unknown artists.

From there we move to yet another new section 'Poetry by Others', here you will find poetry by some wonderful poets that I have met on the web. Their poetry is divers, touches the reader and is easy to relate to. 

The 'Poetry' section remains (besides lay-out and additions) unchanged, this section solely contains my poetry.

In the section 'Links' you will find links to poetry boards hosted by friends and fellow poets.

The 'Guestbook' speaks for itself, please leave any comments and/or suggestions in here.

The 'About me' section gives you a brief impression of me and my loved ones.

A little adition and a great way to learn more about each other, sign our new guestmap and let us see where you are located on this beautiful planet.

Only if noted otherwise everything on these pages is created by me. If you see something on these pages you would like to use, than please contact me through email.