This is an incredible poetry board, hosted by Da Captn and his lovely HollySmile, they have become very dear to this heart. On this board you can read the most incredible poetry, written by some incredible talented poets. Moderated by some wonderful people. Join DaCastaways on this dock and post your poetry.

This is my poetry board, still small, but a nice serene place to be. So please, be my guest, post away, share your poetry and become one of the Muses of the Soul.

This board is set up by two very dear friends of mine, Soulsease and Just a Mona Lisa, they have created a wonderful place where friendship and poetry are the main ingredients. They also offer you the possibility to own a guest archive, in this archive you can have your own poetry stored.

Poetically Correct: "Where the poets always write"
This board is owned by Red Barchetta, a wonderful friend who has music as one of his passions, on his board you will find several forums dedicated to poetry and music. A nice place to be, a place where several musical challenges are provided, go and take a peek.

Poetry Lovers is a great place to read and improve poetry. We have great poets and many features. Our only aspiration is to grow and help others to enhance and advance their poetry. There are three boards and numerous forums with vital info. We also have personal forums for your favorite poets and free links with banner trading:) Drop by and see some great poetry with my sisters and brothers at Poetry Lovers! 
This board is created by The Poetic Fanatic, together with several other moderators, he has put together a board which is divided in sections, each touching a certain field within poetry. They too provide the possibility to own a guest archive.

This is my initial site, it still exists but hasn't been updated in quite a while. It might be fun to look at, this site contains mostly photographs with some anecdotes.

This is a site created by my 12 year old stepson, He and I sat down several nights to teach him how to use Frontpage and Photoshop, the graphics in this site are his own creations, only a few we have created together. The contents of this site is mainly in Dutch since his knowledge of the English language is not sufficient enough for him to create an English site.
The navigation of this site however is created in English. Take a peek, a nice example of teenage creativity.