A rainbow of emotions

If emotions would be colours,
what colour would happiness be,
the soft yellow of sunflowers?
Illuminating the inner side of me..

And love, what colour does it possess,
when it glows inside my heart,
a warm shade of red I guess,
like lipstick kisses on a Valentine card..

Sadness, I think, has different hues,
might be bright or dark depending,
most likely one of the deeper blues,
expressed in tears descending..

Respect would be the brightest white,
with streaks of gold combined,
when exchanged it spreads a light,
in which emotions are defined..

Cause from respect a love can grow,
sadness can come from empathy,
tears can fall in happiness’ glow,
and colours can combine in unity..

Colours can blend with white and gold,
through these emotional situations,
they swirl and mix, they than unfold,
A rainbow of coloured emotions…

© Clautje West May 2001