Headstrong ?!?!

Annoyed she stands, staring at me,
as she makes her displeasure clear,
the frown when she starts to see,
that this isn't getting her anywhere,
determined to get her way,
she jumps up and down in protest,
soft slaps on my arm as if to say,
give me my way, if you know what is best,
the laughter welling up in my chest,
when that little girl tries so hard,
to persuade me, to make me give in,
but boy oh boy she is smart,
and when she changes her tactics, I grin..
when she tries to melt my heart,
with that angelic look on her face,
crawling on my lap and I start..
to smile as she wraps me in her embrace,
showering me with kisses,
convinced that this will do the job,
to make me give in to her wishes,
I laugh, she lifts her head and looks up,
the sparkle appearing in her eyes,
as she realizes that once again,
she has melted my heart with those angelic smiles,
once again it has worked, her plan,
the blackmail to my heart,
solemnly I'm taking an oath,
the next time I won't take part,
and give in to her, not even remote,
but at that moment I know that next time,
realizing this with a sheepish grin,
she will succeed in her blackmailing crime,
and find some way to make me give in...

Clautje West 01/08/2001