Through the sliver came the light,
edging slowly around the pillars,
filling the darkness in a ballet
of pulsing beams

So long had he not been privy to
sight that the sudden rush of
brightness stole away his eyes,
rendering him blind amidst the

How could they have found me here
he pondered, cringing from the warmth,
parched lips uttering words best left

Sweet security quickly ebbed, the raucous
vibrations of humanity clambering about
in exponential display, every silence
transformed into bedlam

Deeper and deeper into the gloom he
descended, unwilling to divest himself of
the solitude, intent on the reclamation
of tranquillity. But it was no use

Unable to resist, he abandoned the quest,
allowing the instinctual pull to guide
him from the only haven he had known

In blaring exhibition came his arrival,
culminating in a swaddling of coarse
fabric, ending forever the purity of
his existence

And he cried…

I don’t want to be born!!!

By GJ Benevides aka Highland
Copyright © 2001 GJB
All rights reserved