Falling asleep together

He is something
other than I

Soft in moments
when I m expecting

Explosive in the
quiet times
when I just want
him to understand

Enchanting me when
the intimacies
make him smile
beyond the sex

Holding me gently
afterward, allowing
me to enjoy the
silence that
connects us

His fingers lightly
touching my skin
with genuine

His breath so
warm that like
a favorite blanket
it becomes
my haven;
my sanctuary

Lost in a sharing
that transcends
every heaviness;
every sorrow;
all the loneliness

And just before
falling asleep
he says he loves

But not with his

With his hand
he takes mine,
almost absently,
somewhat shyly,
his eyes already

And he tucks
my fingers
under his chin,
kissing them
his breath again
the security
I crave

The contentment
in his dreaming
smile the proof
of the strength
we give
each other

And with
a smile
of my own
I join him

My love

My life

In slumber

by: GJ Benevides aka Highland

Copyright 2001 GJB
All Rights Reserved