Watching You Grow

You have been hiding so long
drifting, but never aimlessly,
in the pond of confusion
Even so
you are connected, my child,
to a love far greater than
the one with which you
struggle on this earth.
No longer can you be a prisoner
in your little pond
for the ocean is there, and
its turbulence is mild
compared to the little body
of water in which you swim.
The gate to the future is open
it is yours for the taking
When you think I am not looking,
my friend
I am watching you grow...

Your Friend,

Fly Free! ************FairEllen

Dear Ellen,

The first time when I read this poem, after reading your e-mail, it touched me so deeply. Even now, while preparing this poem to be published on my site, I sit with tears in my eyes. I simply cannot put into words how much this poem means to me.

Written by a beautiful soul these words I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am putting these words up here so the world can see the beauty and tenderness within your heart. Love and hugs from me and mine to you and yours.

Your friend,