Old lanes and river songs

Grandpa said in the old days
roads were shaded, called a lane
Where he and Grandma courted
(he remembered most the rain)
He talked about summer morns
and roads bright with dew
And hearing sounds of nature
the skies, the skies were blue

He said that where the newest mall
now in its glory stands
Is where he courted Grandma
they walked there hand in hand
Back then it was a country lane
with little hills to climb
I felt the sweetest heartache
As Grandpa went back in time

He took me down a country road
leaves whistled from the wind
He said in his and Grandma's day
they called it River's Bend
It was just a little brook
that crossed the covered lane
It sang to them a river song
but never shall again

The old green pick-up rattled
through Grandpa's wooden gate
I was listening with my heart
though I was only eight
But now I know what Grandpa knew
(the river songs and lanes)
And why, without my Grandma,
Grandpa never was the same

Fly Free! ************FairEllen 2001