Given a Choice of Graces
pink and orange surround me 
sea gulls float effortlessly 
as quiet settles in the bay 
my thoughts turn to you 
in suffocating surges, 
enveloping my soul 
touching heather, breathing sun 
hues of flame embrace me 
as winged words coming in 
winds from somewhere, 
in twilight skies 
why are the birds up before 
the sun is down? 
in haze I ponder life 
remembering certain days with 
reckless abandon, 
night heralding another day 
given a choice of graces, 
(laughter or tears) I go beyond 
the pale of my memory 
singing my songs, 
and not fearing that
ultimate last flight 
love, mysterious, beautiful 
drifts on new waters 
delighting my heart, my soul 
passion and love wander only 
where they are led, 
my choice of graces