Learning to let go

No matter how they try and see
the love that lives eternally
between the lonely soul and me
they never will conceive

When once again the night has passed
and left behind the love that lasts
the taste of my ongoing quest
for you, my nightly thief

Who purposely invades my dreams
the ghost of bitter memories
you choose to tease beyond release
you'll never let me go

You beg and plead relentlessly
kneeled down behind your souls debris
hope with your might I'd choose to see
beyond that what I know

How could they ever understand
when I can't even comprehend
why I still hold on to your hand
and choose to let you be

In time I'll come to realize
that you were aiming to disguise
your lack of love through heartless lies
you'll die inside of me...


Clautje West 2001