the Reunion

The golden sun rose over the morrow
casting her shadow upon green grass

within her eyes the shades of sorrow

a memory held with tenderness

the breeze softly caressing her face
spreading the scent of roses’ sweet
a basket in her caring embrace
a letter reciting her loving plead

on roses’ petals dew as crystals
surrounding his eternal grave
her bare feet framed by purple thistles
she sinks to the earth, by love enslaved

 upon the black earth she rests her hand
lost tears slowly trail her tender cheeks
into the basket her hand descends
finding the destination it seeks

her soft fingers hold her destiny
her mouth forming a warming smile
her aching heart will soon be free
a loud noise fills the morning sky

into her depths her last breath slips
gathering her restless soul
rushing out from between her lips
her body rests upon black soil

her soul departs her earthly body
lifted by spirit wings she ascends
to find him who loves her eternally
him with whom heavenly life she’ll spend

earthly headstones mark the lovers’ graves
where red and white roses grow
a letter held by her tender hands
feed the entwined roots below…

© Clautje West 2001