The struggle of life continues
every hour of every day
tomorrow designed by yesterday's influences
the path defined today...


A rope was wrapped around me
cutting  it’s way into my flesh
captured within the web of misery
struggling to inhale every single breath

 Claustrophobia conquered my heart
slowly seeping through my veins
throbbing through my every part
it’s trail of desperation remains

 My mind was clotted with screams
one echoed louder then the other
finding their way into my dreams
gradually my soul they smothered…


Caught in the grasp of past’s claws
now claiming my undefined future
held firmly by the ‘here and now’s’ jaws
creating chaos instead of structure…


Again an unknown path lays ahead
within darkness I try to find the way
dragging along the burdens of my past
now living my life.. day.. by.. day…

© Clautje West 2001