Promises of the heart

How could this have ended,
where have I gone wrong'
The words of love we spoke of
'Or was it all just a game for you'
Sharing our most intimate thoughts
You must have laughed at my naivety'
We were inseparable, did everything together
'Or were you just showing your latest catch'
We were building dreams, longing to for fill them
'Maybe your promises were never meant to be kept'
You questioned how it was possible for me to love you
'A  player who knew exactly which buttons to push?'
Our nights filled with a passion, leaving us breathless
'You took my most sacred gift as if it had no value..'
The children accepted you without any second thoughts
'Why couldn't you at least have kept them from becoming casualties'
You became a part of the family, loved by all...

Why didn't you have the decency to say goodbye...

Clautje West 2001