The words were never left unspoken
destiny was not ours to share in unity
the knowledge of hearts ending up broken
did not stop us from defying destiny

Our destiny

For a period in our life
we defied our destiny
trying to make true
what wasn’t meant to be
now sadness fills my being
while remembering your face
now longing fills my heart
while wanting your embrace

Aching for your tender touch
a void exists within
wishing for your whispered words
the heartache never ending

Emptiness within me
within my heart, my soul, our lives
going through the seasons
while our destiny deprives
our love from one another
acceptance ‘s all that’s left
slowly winning impassable ground
our love will stay bereft

We walk along on separate paths
apart we will continue
to live, to love, to give, to share
our life with one who’s true
now we’re living our separate lives
searching for the company
who will match our lonely soul
and we’ll fulfil our destiny…

 © Clautje West 2001