Marked for life

I wander through the ruins
scattered throughout my soul
scorched landscapes… smouldering fires,
quiet witnesses of the war we fought
evidence of the vicious destruction

My being barely covered
by the remains of my once white attire
now it is stained… stained with blood
threadbare worn… torn beyond recognition
as gusts of wind pull at my dress
locks of my hair hit my face,
leaving red streaks on my skin
causing pain
bitter memories start to surface…

Dark clouds gather in the sky
lightning flashes through the darkness
creating haunting shadows… images of the struggle
Thunder roars making the landscapes tremble
as my body joins… caught in the unity of body and soul...

I fall to the black earth
a pawn in the hands of all consuming pain
un-cried tears emerge from my eyes
soft stinging of the streaks on my face
I cringe as lashing rain pours down from the dark clouds
even the skies seem to weep…
by the sight of this unspeakable horror
A reminder of the everlasting scars
that exist within me...

 © Clautje West 2001