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An empty bed, a soul alone,
aching for the warmth,
that was taken long ago,
shattering her heart...

Whispers from the past

A warm, silent summer night,
window open, curtains drawn,
a lonely tear of longing cried,
while waiting for the distant dawn,

Longing for his warm embrace,
for intimacy unshared,
longing grieved her tender face,
in which her soul laid bare,

A mask of pain, a shielded heart,
are gifts he left behind,
emptiness became her part,
a lost love she tries to find,

Caught within this endless night,
the dawn so far away,
until her heart will cease the fight,
and move beyond today,

An aching heart will never cease,
it's lone, eternal quest,
it's waiting for that summer breeze,
to bring whispers from the past...

Whispers from the presence

An open window, a silhouette,
a new dawn at the horizon,
her soul reflecting the color palette,
of summer's newborn sun,

A smile enlights her saddened face,
distant eyes now come to life,
the present takes it's rightful place,
the past she leaves behind,

Strengthened by the lessons learned,
she now stands proud and strong,
flanked by loved ones to life returned,
guided by her spirit's song,

Brought by a gentle summer breeze,
the whispers of the presence,
reflected by hearts and souls appeace,
through kindness, love in essence...

Whispers from the future

As doors are opened by tenderness,
her heart touched with silken glove,
the summer breeze brings promises,
sweet whispers by a future love...


Clautje West 04/10/2001