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A tribute to my dear friend Fair Ellen


Heavenly tears

Tears fall from heavenly skies,
cool touches on her skin,
tiny crystals reflected by eyes,
fluttering of eyelids, protecting,

she turns away her face,
stares at the crystal blue splashes,
falling down in scattered grace,
observed through silk eyelashes,

ripples formed within lakes,
by silent crystals descending,
the rustling sound they make,
nature's peace reflecting,

within the crystal silver walls,
her silhouette stands mirrored,
silver raindrops silently fall,
dry earth they have conquered,

by her mirrored soul confronted,
so fair and strong she stands,
her kindness, love reflected,
she extends her tender hands,

a smile on mirrored faces,
with the raindrops she submerges,
where mirrored soul's embrace is,
expressed by heavenly tears...


  Clautje West 04/24/2001