Ode to a heart


Send a message to the stars and listen as it fades
into the total darkness that all around them lies.
Wait a million years or more until the answer comes,
and find you knew it all along, itís really no surprise.
Send a message to the moon; itís really not that far,
post if off and watch it fly away into the void.
Seems like only minutes Ďtil the answer comes again,
and still itís true, the same again, no surprise employed.
We wish upon the stars and moon, and wonder why they lie,
for none of them will give us the solution that we crave.
Deep down inside we know this fact, and yet we try again,
searching for alternatives, our fragile hearts to save.
And yet our hearts are stronger than we would dare believe,
within them is the might to overcome the hardest blow.
We should never doubt the wisdom that resides therein,
there is more contained inside than we will ever know
So curse the moon and curse the stars, for they will never hear,
but never disbelieve your heart; a guide through any strife
Through twisting turning shadows, it illuminates your path
No matter what the world might take, your heart is yours for life.
Copyright soulsease 2002