Natures games

Peering out of her cave, filled with curiosity
observing the white blanket, covering the forest
the untouched white reflecting the serenity
of the sunlight, appearing to be uttering it's protest

Protest towards the cool white blanket
for covering up the green splendorous beauty
for hiding the evidence of life underneath it
but those who watch close, will see how lovingly
the early sunlight caresses and strokes
soft teasingly tickling the tender purity
exchanging sweet and wondrous jokes
once again confirming natures beautiful unity

As she leaps out of her cave, longing to join
the playing and teasing games of nature
the white splendour teasingly tickles her loin
as the sunlight tenderly caressingly warms her
the wolf becomes part of natures harmonious play
and those who pass by this splendorous place
and open their heart and soul, enabling them to hear
the melodious laughter of harmony filling time and space

Copyright Clautje West 2000