Keepers of myths & The ancient teachers

Keepers of myths

Mountaintops covered with a soft blanket of clouds
the moons silver light spreads over quiet landscapes
a lonely white owl sits on the top of a rock mound
observing the stone statues in front of the caves

the statues of the defenders, the night-time creatures
for whom the splendorous sunlight remains unseen
the keepers of myths, of the ancient mystic teachers
who lay hidden in the caves where no mortal has been

within the depths of the caves where no light penetrates
the ancient mystic teachers sleep their eternal sleep
they rest guarded by the statues at this mythical gate
with truth and purity in heart and soul they exist to keep

as the moonbeams caress the lifeless stone with silver
the divine touch transforms black stone into flesh
wings unfold as eyes come to life, the statues shiver
ending, for yet another night, their compulsory rest

they slowly spread their wings, into the sky they ascend
the gargoyles reconnoiter the nightly scenery
without thought they would surrender their lives to defend
to protect the treasures, the teachers of ancient history..

The ancient teachers

Surrounded by the silent darkness of the sheltering caves
the ancient teachers sleep their deep, eternal sleep
their by centuries marked, engraved with wisdom, loving faces
illuminated, for from their presence a mystical light seeps

their white hair imperceptibly blends with their white attire
ancient whispers from closed tips echo through this lair
whispers that speak of myths within our dreams inspire
our souls to travel through rocks and earth into the atmosphere

through these whispers the teachers materialize within our dreams
their eyes filled with knowledge rest upon our weary souls
holding our spirit hand as they guide us through streams
within wells of crystal clear water history's lessons unfold

upon the nightly shores eternal wisdom often travels
touching souls wells, feeding it with mythical breath
within our inner core ancient history slowly unravels
through our dreams and visions their knowledge is spread

Clautje West 2001