A dragons legacy

Mistakes I made while living,
a dragons life of tyranny,
Found I have within darkness,
a light created by empathy,

Learned I have that within the dark,
light still can be found,
That life can be created,
by blood shed on fertile ground,

Hungered I have during centuries,
for peace and harmony,
In pain I watched the human race,
spread hatred and agony,

Empires destroyed by those,
who were rulers lead by greed,
Spreading darkness across the land,
families torn by heartless deeds,

Hope I found within children,
their ability to love and share,
Look at them to learn the lesson,
of genuine trust and care,

Speaking now my final words,
my legacy for human kind,
Light exists in everything,
spread my word, cure the blind…

© Clautje West 2001