the Waves

Empty inside I stand upon black shores
‘watching foaming waves caress my feet
I raise my eyes only to find yours
while crying the tears my wounded heart bleed

scarlet red leaving trails, engraving my face
your coarse lips devour the bitter-sweet
your mouth claims mine in painful embrace
your suffocating touch, coercing my defeat

a seagull’s scream cuts through the silence
reflecting the screams resounding within
caused by your hands roaming my body with violence
violating, destroying, the beginning of the ending

 black clouds gather, rain streaming down
cleansing the shore of mutilated evidence
torn, blood stained remains of a wedding gown
barely covering my body that drifts into distance

my soul still chained but slowly breaking free
my lungs ache to breathe their final breath
numbed, silenced, I drift into the open sea
my body submerging within the waves of death.

© Clautje West 2001