The darkness of fear
blackens the heart
freezes the tear
tares the soul apart...

Silent Cries

Slowly I drift into lucid dreams
a reality shift and nothing, so it seems,
is left within the borders of physical life,
in dark corners of my soul I strive,
to with-stand darkness that lingers, that exists,
tempting me with promises, I struggle to resist,
the invisible hands push me towards a track,
footprints in scorched sand leading to the luring black,
heading for his residence situated in the core,
where roaring black waves wash upon a black shore...

As promises intensify resistance slowly fades,
in the distance a cry, the light betrayed,
as I feel his presence, approaching, still unseen,
blackness in it's essence, summoning my being,
I kneel down in silent honour, his relentless grip on me,
the sky filled with roaring thunder as I seal my destiny,
within black mist he appears, lightening in his eyes,
wearing the cloak of fears filled with silent cries...

He kneels down and takes my hand, sudden memories tighten my chest,
the track in scorched sand are my footprints from the past,
a smile appearing on his face when he sees my agony,
he folds me in the cloak's embrace and fear fills me instantly...

When you walk through moonless nights where the edge of darkness lies,
listen careful and you might hear the echo of my silent cries...

Copyright Clautje West 2001