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Symphonic passion

I close my eyes and wonder of,
on the waves of my imagination,
where finally we meet, my love,
drifting on tides, on this shared sensation,
the tender touches we share,
the warm, sensual feel of skin to skin,
our intertwined bodies lay bare,
to our desire and passion we give in,
loving, caressing, craving for more,
loosing ourselves in each other,
a unity as I never been part of before,
earthly barriers no longer bother,
my head buried in your shoulder,
breathing in the scent of your flesh,
being the performer and beholder,
while in our passion I relish,

Shivering in the very core of my being,
my body filled with raging flames,
our passion would blind the eyes of the seeing,
as we give in, complying to the claims,
put upon our bodies, created by our desire,
composing music, enchanting, rhythmic,
as we dance, our passion-play feeding the fire,
enticing, spellbinding, mystic,
as our combined heartbeats form the drums,
increasing, intensifying, fluids spilled,
as my body silently beckons,
for the sweet release of the tension built,
I arch my back on the height of our play,
in this one meeting you became my addiction,
on the waves of the moment I sway,
as I drift back to reality on the fading beats of passion..

Clautje West 01/09/2001