All the photos on the following pages are taken by me. Some are taken during my trips in the United States of America, others are taken here in my home country the Netherlands.

Nature is one of my greater loves in life, the photos reflect nature seen through my eyes, and who knows, maybe through these photos I can share some of my love of Nature with you.

When you stop to think about everything surrounding you, you might see the wonders in nature we have taken for granted for so long, and hopefully change your perspective on nature, maybe even make you think twice before you throw that chocolate bar wrap on the ground. We need nature to survive, and at this point nature needs us to survive.

You yourself can make a difference, you can set an example for your children, for others, the change starts with you, not with others.

Alaska Landscapes I        Alaska Landscapes II

Alaska Landscapes III        

Alaska Wildlife I          Alaska Wildlife II        

Dutch Woods        Dutch Serenity

Top of the World        European Splendour


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